Song of the Day: Heavy

Artist: The Killin’ Time Band

Knock me down again
I think I need a friend
Someone who understands
And won’t pretend
I feel like everyday
Someone gonna take another swing
I don’t know if I will bend or break
And don’t let it get too heavy (bring you down)
Don’t let it get so hard (bring you down)
Don’t let it get too heavy (bring you down)
And get your feet back on the ground
Feet back on the ground
Get your feet back on the ground (oh yeah)
Feet back on the ground
So won’t you pick me up
Instead of putting me down
You know they say what goes around comes around
‘Cause I can say everyday
Spoken my mind, had my say
But don’t you try to put that trip on me
And don’t let it get too heavy (bring you down)
Don’t let it get so hard (bring you down)
Don’t let it get too heavy (bring you down)
And get your feet back on the ground
Feet back on the ground
Get your feet back on the ground (oh yeah)
Feet back on the ground
Don’t let it get too heavy (bring you down)
Don’t let it get so hard (bring you down)
Don’t let it get too heavy (bring you down)
And get your feet back on the ground (oh no)
Feet back on the ground
Get your feet back on the ground
Feet back on the ground (oh get you feet back on the ground)
Feet back on the ground
Feet back on the ground

<3 Deney


Song of the Day: Ship and The Globe

Artist: Kae Sun

Oceans apart and it’s heavy on my heart
Roll and row but my rolling game too slow
I’m happy you know

I’m spending my time watching the ship and the globe
Why beauty’s in the simple things
Your sweetness and your elegance
I’m happy you know

paa pa pa paa pa pa paa papa pa paa paa 2X

Oceans apart and I’m sailing on my dreams
Roll and row but my rolling game too wild
I’m lost in your smile

I’m spending my time watching the ship and the globe
Why beauty’s in the simple things
Your sweetness and your elegance
I’m happy you know

paa pa pa paa pa pa paa papa pa paa paa 2X


paa papa paa pa pa paap paa paaa 4x

I love this song, I first heard it thru the Korean Series “It’s Okay, It’s Love”. It’s in the episode 4 where Jo In Sung dances to this one. To all Korean Series fanatic this will surely made your day.

<3 Deney

Wedding Gowns Review

My favorite gowns from Alberta Ferretti and Vera Wang.


Spring 2015 Bridal Collection







Classics Collection

1.) Ghilian-FrontVW-Ghilian-Front-View BackVW-Ghilian-BackView1

2.) Lisa-FrontVW_Lisa1 BackVW_Lisa_back1

3.) Lindsey-FrontVW_Lindsey1 BackVW_Lindsey_back1

4.) Liesel-FrontVW_Liesel1 BackVW_Liesel_back1

5.) Leah-FrontVW_Leah1 BackVW_Leah_back1

6.) Laura-FrontVW_Laura1 BackVW_Laura_back1

7.) Lara-FrontVW_Lara1 BackVW_Lara_back1

8.) Fiona-Front
VW_Fiona_Front BackVW_Fiona_Back

9.) Fern-FrontVW_Fern_Front BackVW_Fern_Back

10.) Farrah-FrontVera Wang_Farrah_Front BackVera Wang_Farrah_Back

11.) Hannah-FrontVW_Hannah-Front-View BackVW-Hannah-Back-View

12.) Lisette-FrontVW_Front_Lisette1


<3 Deney

Happy Wife, Happy Life


Being happy is definitely the hardest thing to find in the world, why? with all the things that has been happening around, specially in my country the Philippines I can say that it is so hard to say that “I am happy” or “we are happy”. This entry is a more personal story and experienced on how my life turns to be more happier when I got married.

I talked to my husband last night, and we were looking back those things that happened to our lives in the past, in the present and how would it be in the future. I asked him “why did you chose me as your wife that in fact I am not your first love?” my husband replied “you can never tell who my first love is, yes, you are not my first girlfriend, but do you think you are not my first love?” To my surprise I was telling him “ahhh hmmmm huh? is that true?” That made me realize that I am the first love of my husband and he is to me. You can never find so many love in the world, when he is the right one for you so he would then be your first love.

These cheesy things made our married life happier, those little talks that made us realize that though we are not rich but we are poured by so much happiness. I will share to you how we made each other happy.

1. Give time.


Most often we tend to forget anniversaries, birth dates and special dates because of our busy working schedules or any other events that’s been happening in the present. We should all remember that there’ll be no present if we don’t remember the past. Usually boys doesn’t care for these things, but I’m glad though my husband is not that very thoughtful he is still a good date companion ever. Eat your pride girls, I must say! Don’t be angry if your partner doesn’t remember your anniversary. Make the move saying like this ” Oh dear, it’s our 2nd year anniversary tomorrow, what should we do?” You are giving him a hint on what he should do on that day. I know that your thinking that it will be awkward, but this doesn’t make you less as a person. This will make both of you open to each other. Going to church, attending to parties and being with each other is the best time.

2. Give and Take.

Shopping couple.

Usually “us” girls wanted so much attentions from our partners, do not forget this idiom It takes two to tango”. This is my point of view in a relationship, it will not work if only one will be so much of attention and the other one is always giving his. This is what usually happens in our house, I do not know how to cook great dishes, so my husband is the good cook. So in return I would do all the cleaning of the dishes and the food presentations will also be mine. My husband is very good in counting or in math particularly, but I’m much more good in financing,so that’s why we do grocery shopping together. I am the one in-charge of teaching lesson to our son, so he will be the one feeding him and changing clothes. We do laundry together, we do  cleaning the house together. If it is his fault he must say sorry, if it’s mine I should do it. So this is why we should have the give-and-take relationship.

3.  Silly Chats/Speak Up.


Never felt shy doing things like this. Silly chats make my day complete. Sometimes we talked about impossible things, at the end we keep on laughing about it. Be open also in sharing things you like and don’t, this may result to adjustment to both of you. So by these kind of conversation you are making a two-way process in your relationship. Faults, flaws and imperfections also is a good topic sometimes, I am not afraid of sharing to my husband that I’m not really into cooking though I am trying to do it. There are so many silly topics you may share to each other, promise after this you will feel open to your partner and arguments may lessen or it may in a good way.

So these are my top three (3) of how we made our married life happy. These are things that makes me happy. It’s plain and simple. I don’t know about yours, but you may share your stories also.





<3 Deney

The Black Lady

Hollywood’s “Black Lady”   Angelina Jolie, who else? She is the only actress that could flaunt bargain price black dress like an expensive one. I personally love wearing black dress, blouse, pants and suits. We all know that  it is a very elegant color, it will give emphasis on you being sexy (not to mention, I am not sexy at all). This is one of the reason why I like Angelina Jolie the most. This would definitely a personal review of her elegance of wearing black colored dress. Through the years of adoring her, I think the secret of her elegance is just a simple make-up and seductive smile. Please also count her being sexy and legs. You cannot find Angie wearing too much make-up or whatsoever, except during her shooting and filming days.

This is how she looks while wearing tuxedo and pants from different designers. I really don’t know if Angie (wow Angie, are we close? hahaha) have one favorite designer, but I think she’s wearing any style from any designers. I hope someday she could wear one of the most amazing designs from the Philippines.


I really liked the way she matched her shoes with what she is wearing.





Even with kids around, Angie definitely looks good. By putting together her motherly responsibility with her fashion sense is quiet fantastic. She’s a super mom.


If she’s so adorable and sexy in wearing pants and tuxedos because her nice physique was shown, how much more if she would flaunt her nice,long and sexy legs? The following will prove that I am correct in choosing that she’s my queen.

This dress was a bargain from one of the Hollywood stores, but look how expensive it looks while she’s wearing it.

26$ bargain




After minis, let’s go to long dress and gowns. She is very cute with this maxi dress. She loved to travel or go around with her kids. I mean, come on! most of the women who became moms would not look like her at all. They will surely leave their kids if they wanted to look sexy and attend party. But look at her she’s doing her motherly thing while she still manage to look great. angelina-jolie strapless black maxi dress

vera wangShe's the jewel in Brad Pitt's crown Angelina Jolie lights up the red carpet in embellished dress at The Tourist Madrid premiere 2

I can’t forget this gown of hers, she wore this after her double mastectomy. This was the launching of World War Z, Brad Pitt’s movie. She was there strongly supporting her partner in life while also showing the world that she’s the bravest girl because she has overcome the mastectomy session.  Awww that awsome smile, I’m really touched by it.


Can you recall what happened to this Oscars day? This is the gown she wore during that day when she was asked what would she like to do after the Oscars? Well she answered that she like to be with Brad Pitt. I cannot really recall of what is the right words.

The reason why I made this entry is because of Maleficent. Maleficent is a fictional character from Walt Disney Picture‘s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. She is the Mistress of All Evil, who, after not being invited to a royal christening, curses the infant Princess Aurora to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday. The character is Disney’s version of the wicked fairy godmother from the original French fairy tale.  I’m really excited to watch this movie because as far as I heard it has good reviews. Not all black is bad, this is the message I want to show with this entry. Black for me is beautiful though maybe the character of Maleficent shows being greedy but being portrayed by Angie is such a sweet thought.


If I can watch the movie “Maleficent” I will surely do a review about it. There’ s nothing wrong with being black.