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The OSCARS 2014 Red Carpet

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My personal review for THE OSCARS 2014:

Angelina Jolie in Elie Saabangelina jolie-elie saab

Brad Pitt in Tom Ford1393830350_Brad-Pitt-Angleina-Jolie-Oscars-2014-12-years-a-slave-fashion-styles

So cheesyyy ;)86th Oscars; Backstage

Amy Adams in Gucciamy adams-gucci

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen
sandra bullock-alexander mcqueen

Lupita Nyong in Pradalupit nyong-prada

Jennifer Lawrence in Diorjennifer lawrence-dior

Olivia Wilde in Valentinoolivia wilde-valentino

Julia Roberts in Givenchyjulia roberts-givenchy

Emma Watson in Vera Wangemma watson-vera wang

Charlize Theron in Diorcharlize theron-dior

Anne Hathaway in Guccianne hathaway

Matthew Mcconaughey in Dolce Gabbanamatthew mcconaughey-dolce & gabbana

Sarah Paulson in Elie Saabsarah paulson-elie saab

Julie Delpy in Jenny Packhamjulie delpy-jenny packham

Lady Gaga in Versacelady gaga

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Reem Acrajenna dewan-tatum-reem acra

Channing Tatum in Gucci86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

So Sweet ;)476221831-1

Goldie Hawngoldie hawn

Cate Blanchett in Armanicate blanchett - armani

Penelope Cruz in Giambattista Vallipenelope cruz-giambattista valli

Naomi Watts in Calvin Kleinnaomi watts-calvin klein

Kate Hudson in VersaceKate hudson-versace

Jessica Biel in Chaneljessica biel-chanel

Jennifer Garner in Oscar dela RentaJennifer Garner-Oscar dela renta

Giuliana Rancic in Paolo Sebastiangiuliana rancic-paolo sebastian

Elsa Pataky in Elie SaabChris-Hemsworth-Elsa-Pataky-Oscars-2014 (1)

Chris Hemsworth in David August & Fred Leighton (They are expecting twins!)Chris-Hemsworth-Elsa-Pataky-Oscars-2014

These dresses are my favorite in the red carpet in OSCARS 2014. 

<3 Deney

Best dressed couple? who wouldn’t think of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie? But, for me there were three couples whom I really admired their taste of fashion. First couple will be the “Bradgelina” Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, second will be the “The Beckhams” David Beckham & Victoria “Posh” Beckham  and third will be the “The Socialite & The Model” Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl. From formals to not so formal suites they all looked so fabulous.

Here are some comparisons:


Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

brad-pitt-angelina-jolie-twins-ffn-leadTheir relationship began after they starred together in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005). They have three adopted children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and three biological children, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne.


Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl

oliviaOlivia Palermo has been in a relationship with German model Johannes Huebl since 2008 and they became engaged in December 2013.


David Beckham & Vicoria Beckham

Victoria+Beckham+David+Beckham+Royal+Wedding+rzMkzng4gFslIn 1997, they started dating after they met at a charity football match. The couple announced their engagement in 1998 and were dubbed “Posh and Becks” by the media. They got married in July 04, 1999.


Strolling-around Lookbrad_pitt2olivia-palermo-johannes-huebl-st-barts-4-857x1280victoria_beckham300x400

Black & WhiteBrad-Pitt-and-Angelina-Jolie15418-olivia-palermo-and-her-model-boyfriend-592x0-1victoria-and-david-beckham



Awards Night


Walking Hand-in-hand






These are the common fashion trends for these couples. Where ever or whatever events they will be in fashion paired together. Any thoughts for these guys? Or any recommendation partners or couple that will matched with them?

<3 Deney


Mini Fab Ladies

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Mini dress is for all type of occasions. Whatever the style or how it is done nothing really compares for mini dress. For who ever would wear it they will surely look elegant & classy. Here are some of my favorite celebrities who look fabulous in mini dress:

1.Nathalie Portman

2. Angelina Jolie: Black

3. Charlize Theron: Blue

4. Keira Knightley: Black & Flowery

5. Camilla Belle: Green

6. Anne Hathaway: Cream

7. Miley Cyrus: Silver

8. Kate Hudson: Green

9. Jaimie Alexander: Silver & White

10. Victoria Beckham: Red

11. Duchess Catherine/ Kate Middleton: Blacck & Flowery

By reading this you can learn so many from these ladies how to wear mini dress with elegance. 

Tip: Always be comfortable in whatever you wanted to wear. Don’t wear things you might regret wearing & your not comfy.


Easy 10 Minute Workout for Busy Moms

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Hey cool Moms! You want a body like this? Jenna Dewan-Tatum, a sexy-mom. Just read & follow this entry.

Think you have no time for exercise? I’ve got a strength-training plan that will fit into your busy life, guaranteed! I got this from parenting. Just rotate through 10-minute routines three times a week (one each day), and you’ll feel stronger and slimmer in weeks.

Perform these like a circuit: Do one set of each exercise with minimal rest in between. When you’ve done them all, grab some water and repeat twice more.

1. Chair Dips

Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair, with hands next to hips. Slide your bottom off the edge and bend elbows to 90 degrees. Be sure to keep your back close to the chair, then push back up. Do 10 to 12 repetitions.


2. Chair Squats

Stand in front of chair, feet hip-distance apart, toes forward. Lean chest slightly forward. Bend knees, tap (don’t sit!) bottom on chair, then stand up. Keep your weight in your heels and keep knees over toes. Do 10 to 12 reps.

Get-Fit Tip #1

Keep a food log. I know, who has time to do even one more thing? But if you’re serious about losing some weight, writing down what you eat is one of the best ways to help you stay on track. Even better, do it with a friend and then swap them nightly.


3.Butterfly Abs

Lie on back and place soles of feet together; relax knees out to the side. Place hands behind head, with elbows out. Tightening abs, lift chest and shoulders up, then release back down. Do 10 to 12 reps.

4.Oblique Crunches

Lie on back, with knees bent. Cross left ankle over opposite knee. Place right hand behind head and lift right shoulder toward left knee. Release down. Do 10 to 12 reps, then switch sides.


5.Modified Push-Ups

Get down on all fours, knees together. Walk hands out and lift feet; move hands slightly wider than chest. Head, neck, back, and butt should be in alignment. Keeping your abs tight, bend elbows and lower chest toward the floor. Press back up. Do 10 to 12 reps.

6.Standing Hip Extension

Stand with feet hip-distance apart. Shift weight to right foot, and extend left leg behind; lift and lower left foot, squeezing your butt. Use a chair for balance. Do 12 to 15 reps, then switch.


Place entire right foot on a stair or a sturdy platform, and step up with left leg following. Step down with left leg, reaching back about 12 inches; follow with right. Do 12 times, keeping chest lifted, then switch sides and repeat. As you get stronger, try this move with weights.

I’m just posting this entry from for me to make this as my daily habit. Hoping for the better health & body. Hehehe

To learn more about cool exercises just visit PARENTING.

Have a cool & happy exercise MOMS!



<3 Deney




Beachin’ the Rocks

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Looking for a more exciting & adventurous swimming area? You may find it in Inuman, Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte. These photos were taken last February 2013. I was there to attend a party & enjoy beachin their rocky beach. Hehehe. The waves were very strong in motion, if you are an adventurous person you may find it good. Those who liked diving & surfing I can suggest that this will be good place for you too. The water is very crystal clear though the seabed is so rocky, it did add beauty to the beach. So many rocks made it more exciting to avail. The sand is pure white. IMG_6731 IMG_6734 IMG_6735 IMG_6736 IMG_6737 IMG_6743

So keep beachin everyone!

<3 Deney

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